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August 21st, 2012

Men Cooking

Men’s Health Blog Guy Gourmet’s food expert’s have gotten together and provided a few very useful tips on what every guy should know in the kitchen.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a first time chef, there are some staple things every guy should know how to make when it comes to cooking. Here are the top 5 things we think you should know:


1.Scrambled Eggs

The classic breakfast. This is great for that great breakfast in bed that can woo any woman.

Most guys think they know how to cook the perfect eggs. But to truly achieve those creamy, fluffy, light full-flavoured eggs that are worth getting out of bed for you have to know a few simple rules.

  1. Have the right eggs – free-range eggs are good, but organic free-range eggs are the best. The quality of the egg will most definitely have an effect on the quality of your end product.
  2. Be gentle – to ensure a creamy, soft but not runny batch of scrambled eggs a low to medium heat is the best. High heat is your enemy and will make the eggs stick to the base of the pan whilst drying them out.

For more on how to whip up that perfect scramble visit Guy Gourmet here.


2.  The Sandwich

Every guy loves a good sandwich (see. Our post on the best sandwich of all The Reuben).  Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence gives his 2 best tips to create a ‘wich for which your stomach will thank you.

  1. Start with great bread. “Think sourdough, Tuscan peasant or a wholesome multigrain” says Florence. Anything less doesn’t have the same perfect texture.
  2. Skip the deli-counter. “Thin sliced meats are usually bland. Plus they can contain fillers and too much sodium. Mine your fridge for leftover chicken or steak.”
  3. Add Crunch. “Forget wilted lettuce, go for that spicy rocket and add some shallots.”
  4. Be manly about your condiments and amp them up. “A dose of citrus, chopped fresh herbs or chilli sauce will make plain mayo or mustard sing.”
  5. Eat immediately. “pre-made, refrigerated sandwiches turn soggy. Whenever possible, make sandwiches to order and serve at room temperature.”

Here are 5 sandwiches every guy should know how to make:

  1. BLAT: Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato. Spread a little spicy mayo on some great bread with these ingredients and you can’t go wrong!
  2. Grilled Cheese: Your favourite cheese and fresh bread toasted to perfection. What more could you want? Maybe some ham to make it more of a manwich.
  3. Turkey & Cranberry: The ultimate leftovers sandwich. Thick sliced turkey, a man sized helping of cranberry sauce and the leftover rye loaf from dinner, make a delectable treat for tomorrows lunch.
  4. Grilled Chicken: A grilled chicken breast, some roasted capsicum a little balsamic and oil and some baby spinach to round it all out, on top of a fresh grainy bun. Add a little chilli for that extra kick!
  5. Grilled Steak Sandwich: Grill some blade steak (or your other favourite cut), caramelize some onions in a pan, then layer it slowly on a fresh baguette. Top with some sliced tomatoes and fresh rocket or baby spinach and smear on some horseradish crème or mustard. Can you feel that? The feeling of pure contentment from one of every guys favourite sandwiches.

More on making your ultimate manwich can be found here courtesy of Guy Gourmet.

Grilled Chicken
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3. The Perfect Steak

When done right, the perfect steak is juicy, tender and is a cornerstone of a manly diet. When done poorly, you may as well be chewing on some rubber. Whether you’re grilling up a t-bone or pan frying to sear that steak in your kitchen, here’s a simple test to check if your steak is done, courtesy of Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible.

“Check doneness by pressing a steak in the center” says Raichlen. Then use your thumb, fingers and the varying firmness at the base of you thumb as your guide.

Index Finger = RARE

Soft and squishy like a sponge

Middle Finger = MEDIUM RARE

Firm but yielding like a Nerf football

Ring Finger = MEDIUM

Barely yielding like a racquetball


Hard yet springy like a tennis ball

And the most important thing…… REST YOUR MEAT. Let the any meat you cook rest for about 7 minutes for a steak and 15 minutes or more for a roast.




4. Grilled Chicken

Whether you’re putting it on a sandwich or having it with salad, grilled chicken is a staple part of any guys food repertoire.  Legendary chef David Chang of Momofuku fame tells his idea on the prefect bbq grilled chicken.

Chang’s version of bbq grilled chicken is loaded with flavours; the bitterness of charred meat, the sweetness of apple juice and honey and the sweet heat of Korean chilli paste with a bite of garlic and the hit of onions. Thanks to the guys at Mens Health magazine you can see a video of David Chang himself teaching you how to make his awesome dish, see it here.





5. Lamb Chops

Every good guy needs to know how to grill some lamb chops. There are no tricks, no fancy chef tools or bizarre ingredients. Just good meat seasoned well and enhanced by the char of a grill.

Take some fresh rosemary, a bay leaf, some thinly sliced garlic, olive oil and a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice and sit your shops in it for a good hour. Then, on a hot grill, place the chops down for a good quick sizzle (2-4 mins each side). Now go ahead, pick up the chop and eat the meat straight off the bone and experience lamby goodness.


The step by step instructions from Guy Gourmet can be found here to help you get from a raw lamb chop to perfectly seasoned and cooked in no time!

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