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Introducing Australia's first website dedicated to guiding the modern groom towards the biggest day of his life.

For the first time, Australian grooms and brides have a portal just for them. Essential Groom features the most comprehensive guide of groom-focused information, advice, tips, fashion, styling and support. Therefore is ideal for wedding advertising for businesses

Essential Groom is not just for the lads. Women now have the opportunity to get men involved in their BIG DAY!

Our mission is to create the ultimate destination for couples getting married, their family and friends.

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Why we are an important resource for grooms

  • will go online for information on a daily basis.
  • read wedding blogs and websites.
  • are actively involved in the wedding process.
  • are involved in the gift registry process.

While both brides and grooms believe staying on budget is important, grooms are more willing to splurge/spend on wedding day purchases than brides.


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Essential Groom is the definitive lifestyle & wedding destination for the modern man.