2012 Hit Parade: Top 5 Wedding Songs

Check out the tracks set to make matrimonial playlists this year.

From the walk down the aisle to newlyweds’ first dance together to the father-daughter dance, there's an entire wedding soundtrack needed to make a wedding.

It’s common for the bride and groom to slip their DJ a list of songs that simply must make the playlist—as well as wedding songs they will not tolerate coming out of the sound system. US based event service GigMasters.com surveyed just married and soon-to-be married couples to gauge the hottest matrimonial tracks of 2012...

First dance
Betrothed couples prefer to bust out the slow-burners for their first boogie together. Well, boogie is a bit of a stretch—most of these tracks tend to fall into the ‘shuffle-and-sway’ genre. Etta James tops the list with her 1960 version of “At Last”, arguably the definitive version of a song first recorded in 1941 and covered numerous times since. Classics from Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra are there next to contemporary acts like Train and Jason Mraz. Whitney Houston didn’t make the list but given recent events, our money’s on her sweeping into the end-of-year chart.

1. At Last ETTA JAMES (1960)
2. Can’t Help Falling in Love ELVIS PRESLEY (1961)
3. Marry Me TRAIN (2010)
4. You and Me DAVE MATTHEWS BAND (2009)
5. TIE: All My Life K-CI & JOJO (1998); Lucky JASON MRAZ (2009); The Way You Look Tonight FRANK SINATRA (1964); Then BRAD PAISLEY (2009)

Father-daughter dance
Not surprisingly, dad likes a golden oldie to cut a rug with his little girl. The top five is made up of the likes of Louis Armstrong, Sinatra (again), Natalie Cole and The Temptations, whose classic “My Girl” seems custom made for the moment. Given its US-centric focus, the top track is by a country artist while number 4 comes from a Christian crooner, both less known here.

1. I Loved Her First HEARTLAND (2006)
2. What a Wonderful World LOUIS ARMSTRONG (1967)
3. The Way You Look Tonight FRANK SINATRA (1964)
4. Cinderella STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN (2009)
5. TIE: My Girl THE TEMPTATIONS (1964); Unforgettable NATALIE COLE (1991)

Do Not Play
If you’re considering a career as a wedding DJ, pay close attention to the list of tracks that are guaranteed to clear the dance floor—or at least garner the wrath of the newlywed couple. Novelty hits (think “Macarena” and “Cotton Eye Joe”) or line dances (“Electric Slide”) might get the crowd pulling out their best (or worst) synchronised dance routines, but they’ll also have the groom pulling the plug on your speakers.

1. The Chicken Dance WERNER THOMAS (1950s)
2. Electric Slide MARTHA GRIFFITHS (1976)
3. Macarena LOS DEL RIO (1995)
5. Cotton Eye Joe REDNEX (1992)


2011 hits
Wedding soundtracks tend to be hooked on classics, so what of recent chart hits? What does it take to release a song today that will storm the charts and wedding receptions around the world? Well, calling it “Marry you” is a smart move—just ask Bruno Mars, who tops this list. Upbeat, uplifting dance tracks dominate, although Lady Antebellum gets in there with a soppy ballad.


1. Marry You BRUNO MARS
3. Love You Like a Love Song SELENA GOMEZ
4. Countdown BEYONCE
5.  We Found Love RIHANNA

Photo by: Photo by AndreM via Flickr
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