Buffet Brawl

From the great nation that gave us ‘Ladette to Lady’ and 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' comes another story of impeccable class and dignity…

Weddings are fraught with emotion, tension and stress, and usually awash with alcohol. Evidence shows us that this isn’t always a recipe for a joyful celebration.

The July wedding reception of Karyssa Coleman, 28, and Ben Smethurst, 26, began calmly enough, but ended with the bride’s sister being knocked out cold by her own uncle.

The celebration descended into an all-out brawl when the bride’s uncle, 53 year-old lorry driver Curt Hughes, called the best man a ‘fat c***,” in a flash of highly original ingenuity. The outburst was sparked by the groom’s brother and best man, 30-year old Danny Smethurst, skipping ahead in the buffet queue to get food for his son.

“My brother just told him there was no need to use that sort of language,” said groom Ben Smethurst. “Curt was heard saying that he never should have come to the wedding as it was shit and the food was crap…my brother Danny said, ‘Why don’t you just f*** off then you d***head’…Danny then got punched.”

Next in line for a sucker punch was sister of the bride Krystel Coleman, 29, who was rendered unconscious for 20 minutes and had to be driven to the emergency room by the bride who was probably the only one sober enough to do so, given she was eight months pregnant.

“Another five or six people got involved. One bloke jumped on Curt’s back to try and stop him because he was going crazy,” said Krystel, who was left with a broken nose and two black eyes. “It was supposed to be my sister’s special day and it was ruined at the end.”

Which all makes a McDonald’s reception look like the epitome of taste.

Story by Meegan Waugh

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