Wedding Disasters

Ended up with the wrong flowers? Table settings the wrong shade of teal? Take heart, it could be worse. Much worse...

Your big day is coming up, the stress is reaching dangerously high levels, and at this point you’re thinking this whole marriage thing might not be what it's cracked up to be. But at least your seating arrangement stress will pale in comparison to these cases.

New Yorker Timothy Cole’s 2008 wedding ended in one of the most ridiculous ways imaginable—being arrested for being too close to his wife-to-be, who he had already married and divorced once before. Turns out, she had a protection order out against him. Police officers who responded to an argument between Cole and a wedding guest recognised him and slapped on the cuffs. As far as we know, his wedding night was a lonely one.

On the other side of the coin we have blushing bride Adrienne Samen, who was arrested at her 2003 wedding reception in Connecticut, USA. The newlywed, who was 18 at the time, indulged in the booze package a little too much, and ended up fighting with staff from the reception venue, flipping the bird to police officers, kicking a police car and even trying to bite an officer. Maybe the legal drinking age in the US is 21 for a reason.

Although he wasn’t chucked in the slammer, an Austrian groom took stupidity (and infidelity) to a whole new level in 2012 when he was busted having sex with a waitress during his own wedding reception—by his new father-in-law, no less.

At least he made it to the reception. Another Austrian wedding, that of Dietmar Koch and Tina Albrecht was canned after Albrecht jokingly answered "I don’t" during their 2007 ceremony. The registrar didn’t see the funny side, cancelling the entire wedding and forcing the couple to wait another 10 weeks before giving it another shot. Albrecht said, “In retrospect it was probably not so funny.”

You don't say.

Story by Meegan Waugh

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