EG poll verdict: Gift or no gift

Can’t make it to the wedding—would you send a present, a card... or nothing at all

It happens. A wedding invitation turns up in the post but there’s no way you can go. Maybe it clashes with another big event, perhaps the ceremony is in Outer Mongolia and you can’t get the time off—it’s just not gonna happen.

So, do you still send your regards to the couple in the form of a Swiss fondue set from the gift registry?

Nine percent of EG readers weren’t sure what course of action to take and only 14% came over all Scrooge-like and said they would send nothing.

Wedding planner Benita Kam of BNT Event Management says such situations should be considered on a case by case basis.

“It honestly depends on how close you are to the people getting married,” she says. “Having said that, a card is always good manners but a gift is not essential.”

As it turns out, EG readers are a generous lot, with 41% vowing that they would send a gift to take their place at the wedding. The remaining, incredibly polite 36% would be sure to send a card wishing the newlyweds good cheer.

Photo by: Photo by ComeUndone via Flickr
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