River swallows ring

Taking care of the ring is the best man’s job—but beware of the celebrant…

A South Australian wedding ceremony became a search and rescue mission for local police after a butter-fingered priest dropped the bride’s wedding ring in the country’s largest river.

"I thought of every other possible thing that could go wrong, but I must admit I didn't think that that would go wrong," bride Tori Brown told ABC Radio.

The ceremony on the banks of the mighty Murray was going swimmingly (pun intended) until the ring handover. The best man had earlier spoken about his apprehension about passing the rings, fearing they may fall into the water. His words turned out to be prophetic: the bride’s band was placed safely on the priest’s book—and promptly slipped off again.

“We seen it slide, we seen it drop and we heard it go plop,” Brown said. An enterprising bridesmaid stepped forth to offer her wedding ring and it was on with the show.

Things took a surreal turn when the South Australian Police phoned the couple, requesting to search for the ring as part of a nearby training exercise for their diving unit.

With the heavy current, it was a “needle in a haystack” proposition according to the bride. The police engaged a number of techniques to retrieve the ring on day one, but to no avail.

On day two they gave it another crack and that’s where the ring was discovered—wedged in a crack in the muddy riverbed—before taking its rightful place on Brown’s finger.

Photo by: via ABC.net.au
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