Skirmish Paintball

Put the groom-to-be in the firing line with a commando-style initiation.

Ganging up on the groom is a time-honoured bucks party tradition. A stag do wouldn’t be a stag do without some form of indignity bestowed on the man of the moment. But if shaving his eyebrows and tying him naked to a lamppost seems a bit soft (and the bride has sworn revenge on anyone harming her man before the big day), take a more technological to his public humiliation.

Men are an inherently competitive species—that’s why football, poker and the Olympics were invented. So getting a group of guys together for a bachelor party is an opportunity to sort the men from the boys.

Skirmish takes competition to an adrenaline-pumping new level. Get decked out in camouflage gear for an outdoor paintball experience (as one member of the Essential Groom team did for his bucks party) or take the high-tech option with indoor laser skirmish.

Like a real life video game, the electronic combat vests send a violent shudder through the victim when struck down by an opponent, rendering him temporarily disabled and out of action. The challenge is to accumulate points—and stay alive.

Outdoor paintball skirmish is generally charged on a per-ball basis (usually in multiples of $100), with a number of independent operators dotted around the country.

M9 Laser Skirmish operates themed indoor centres—think underworld, prehistoric, alien or medieval—right across Australia and New Zealand. Games can accommodate up to 30 players and has the added bonus of a fully licensed bar and café facilities to cater for the hungry hordes, with M9 offering a wide range of package deals.

Photo by: Photo by by Roberto Sacasa via Flickr
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