VIDEO: Daddy cool

In most circumstances, the traditional dance between the bride and her dad amounts to little more than an affectionate shuffle on the dance floor. But everything's bigger in Texas, they say...

One father in Houston was clearly not content with just chipping in for the bills and grabbing a quiet slow dance with his little girl.

Instead, the pair busted out a four-minute medley of old-school hits and contemporary pop songs covering everyone from The Temptations to Beyonce.

The choreographed routine starts like pretty much any other father of the bride dance, with a loving, yet unremarkable, waltz. Barely a minute into proceedings, the bassline kicks in, the crowd goes wild and papa gets his groove on.

Certainly, a fully-fledged, talent-show audition performance ain't everyone's cup of tea for a wedding reception—indeed in the hands of less confident types, it could be an ill-advised embarrassment.

But the man has rhythm (check out his 'robot'), the bride is having a ball and the guests dig it. Rock on.

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