Wedding crashers

A new app helps gatecrashers locate nearby nuptials—and you thought that Owen Wilson movie was fiction…

With the tagline “til death do us party”, Crash Corsage is a godsend to all those people just raring to spend their weekend at a wedding with complete strangers. With location services enabled, the app handily pinpoints nearby services, revealing pertinent details such as date, time, location and dress code.

The app searches those personal wedding sites that couples create to detail the minutiae of their ceremony and life together. Crash Corsage extracts as much information about the event and the couple as possible, condensing the details into a handy cheat sheet so any budding wedding crasher can confidently rock up and pose as the brides second cousin twice removed, taking full advantage of bar, buffet and bridesmaids in the process.

Getting through the door isn’t the only challenge posed by Crash Corsage: crashers are encouraged to check in with their preferred location service (Foursquare, Facebook, et al) after which they can earn points to put them on the leaderboard in contention for the title of ultimate wedding crasher: lead conga line (20 points), win limbo contest (20), take centrepiece (25), catch bouquet (30), dance with bride or groom (40) and sing with band (60).

The fastest way to rack up points is to shag a wedding guest (90 points)—although Crash Corsage doesn’t allocate extra points for bedding a member of the wedding party or the newlyweds themselves. Crashers can upload pictures of themselves getting their groove on with grandma or gorging on the smorgasbord.

Only in a country of 300 million people could there possibly be a big enough market for such shenanigans, surely? Of the potential for Crash Corsage to make it to Australia, founder Eric Schlakman tells Essential Groom: “If there's a wedding listing in Australia, we're aiming to have it covered. Global vs. USA listings is a technical bouquet that we're trying to catch,” he says. “Looking forward to meeting you on a stranger's dance floor—hopefully one in Australia is an option.”

We’ll take that to mean: “watch this space”.

No doubt the arrival of Crash Corsage in Australia will illicit reactions along the lines of this tongue-in-cheek ‘review’ featured on the app’s website:

"I fucking hate you."
-Couples with wedding websites

Photo by: Still images from New Line Cinemas 'Wedding Crashers'
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