The MC prep plan

Responsibility for a smooth reception rests squarely on your shoulders. Here's how to tackle the task.

Put a plan into practice
Being unprepared is preparing to fail. Make guest speakers, DJs and event coordinators your friends, practice tricky names and draft a run sheet of timings for the night—knowing it back to front will make it look effortless.

Be charming, confident and relaxed. Focus on the newlyweds to calm the nerves—they asked you, they know you're up to the job. Do them proud by taking every opportunity to put their personality across–creative, personal and inclusive experiences are the ones that will be remembered.

Ditch the locker room humour
One liners are risky. They should be personal, but not so personal that only you and the couple get the joke. Stave off the cringe factor: stay light and clean with off-the-cuff humour.

Expect the unexpected
With at least three or four toasts, moderation can go out the window—deal with rowdy guests swiftly and discreetly. Be ready to improvise: if Great Uncle Jim is a bit slow getting to the stage, fill the gap and maintain momentum.

Keep to schedule as well as possible and use diplomacy when encouraging speakers to wind things up. Most importantly, keep your cool, and sobriety, at all times.


Story by Katie Ivey

Photo by: Getty Images
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