Grooming for dummies

Aim to turn up on your wedding day as a more suave, well-dressed version of yourself. Give the right attention to hair, skin and body to bring out your best…

Be yourself
Now is not the time for a radical makeover. Always stick with what you know, be it long hair, a beard or short back and sides. Just go for a neat, polished interpretation of it. If a change is definitely in order, don’t leave it until the day before. Give a new look a couple of months to become your normal look… or to modify it if it’s not right. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Be natural
The camera is unforgiving. Experimenting with tanning products or concealers if you don’t know what you’re doing will end badly. Even if guests can’t put their finger on why you look so sunkissed or blemish-free on the day, they will when the photos come back and you’re glowing like a patchwork tangerine. For most men, a good pre-wedding skincare regime and healthy eating plan is enough to brighten and clear the skin. For anything more, seek professional guidance.

Go pro
If you’re normally a DIY kind of guy or happy with a lo-fi, cheap and cheerful cut, employ the services of an up-market barber or men’s salon. The attention-to-detail will be greater, a necessity for the photos, which will show up any imperfections. They can advise on the style and provide product and styling tips for before the ceremony. Book in for a professional shave, too.

Keep it classic
Lay off the hipster haircut that risks looking dated in years to come. Consult with the hairstylist on a look that is still very ‘you’ but a little less directional, a little more timeless. Conversely, if you haven’t changed your look since primary school, it might de due for a grown-up tweak.

Give good face
Think about your skin in the weeks leaving up to the main event and consider consulting a skin-care professional or spa for products or treatments to help you scrub up on the home run. There are many male-centric services that specialise in men’s skin in suitably masculine surroundings.

Get in early
Trim super-short hair two to three days prior or allow one week for longer locks. This gives the cut a little time to grow into itself so it’s nether implausibly perfect nor too scruffy. If you opt for a facial or a DIY mask, leave at least a week in case there is any redness or reaction—such treatments can release impurities from the skin, leading to a breakout. For the same reason, shave the night before so you’re neat but any nicks or irritation have died down.

Get fit
Whether you want to trim down, tone up or have more energy, put together an exercise regime to fine tune your physique. Committing to a complete overhaul isn’t necessary, unless you’re determined to work hard, but some physical maintenance will make a surprising difference, especially if you don’t exercise regularly. If you do, you’ll want to keep it up or even amp it up. Speak to your gym or a personal trainer about formulating a three-month fitness plan to reach your goals.

Eat well, sleep well
Besides the obvious aid to fitness, eating well (and drinking plenty of water) will have serious benefits to the skin and energy levels. Which may go some way to countering a sleepless last night as a bachelor—hit the sack early in case the butterflies get the better of you.

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