Need a lift?

Gain six to ten centimetres where it counts on the wedding day. No, not in the trouser department—we mean shoes.

Lesser statured actors have often gone to great lengths (pardon the pun) to increase their on-screen endowment. Tom Cruise is no Top Gun in the height department and according to, the star apparently resorted to the Hollywood ‘apple box’ technique (ie. standing on a crate) to see eye to eye with co-star Kelly McGillis in his famous fighter pilot role. Mind you, height hasn’t stopped Cruise’s propensity for lofty wives (exhibit A: Nicole Kidman; exhibit B: Katie Holmes).

Legend has it that Humphrey Bogart also employed the box approach to plant a smooch on Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, while leggy screen siren Sophia Loren was forced to stand in a specially-dug trench in the 1957 flick Boy On A Dolphin in an effort to preserve the perceived stature of co-star Alan Ladd.

Even men with a respectable standing can suddenly find themselves dwarfed by a bride with a penchant for heels. Prince Charles is no slouch at 5’11” (180cm), but Diana was 5’10”, hence the princess was mostly confined to flat shoes and kitten heels next to Charlie.

If you’ve got 20K to spare, and the stomach to allow a surgeon to break and re-pin your legs, there’s a surgical solution. However we’d recommend exploring less extreme and less costly measures.

Shoe lifts—thick insoles inserted into shoes—can provide a modest 1-2cm boost. Anything more and the heel is liable to slip out of the shoe altogether. That’s where Taller footwear comes in—Taller does just what it says on the box. For a more significant boost than conventional lifts can provide, the brand’s hand-crafted shoes are specially designed to invisibly accommodate up to an extra 10cm in height.

The genius of Taller footwear is that the shoes manage a significant height increase without taking on the appearance of an orthopaedic shoe or resorting to throwback seventies-style platform heels. In fact, for all intents and purposes, they look every bit like regular shoes.

The lable's elevator shoes, as they are called, are cleverly designed to conceal bigger shoe lifts made of polyurethane to resist compression (meaning that the extra centimetres won’t diminish after repeated wears). Designs offering the maximum 10cm enhancement tend to have a slightly chunkier heel but otherwise the styles on offer are refined and on trend.

Importantly, every pair of Taller dress shoes is hand-crafted from quality leather with prices ranging from a very reasonable $169.95 to $199.95. Which certainly beats paying twenty grand for a doctor to shatter your shins.

Taller has a store in Melbourne located at 91 Johnston Street, Collingwood and the collection is available to buy online at Delivery within Australia is free. 

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