Top tips for saying I do in Tahiti


Tahiti records some of the highest sunshine hours in the world! So whether you are thinking of eloping…. to escape your future mother-in-law, or considering a more lavish affair… to make your mother-in-law pleased, Tahiti and her islands have it all.

Nelly Grange from wedOTahiti ( has given us her top tips for planning a destination wedding in Tahiti:

•      Make sure you find a local wedding planner or a travel specialist who has visited your destination for advice about practical locations before confirming your travel arrangements and accommodation. You want to make sure your preferred location is convenient for yourselves and your guests

•      Having an idea of budget will help you and your destination-wedding planner determine what your different options will be. A budget will help you make confident and informed decisions for your arrangements.

•      Looking for inspiration online is great but make sure you’re realistic with your expectations. Some images online may be from styled shoots rather than real-life weddings…amazing for ideas but don’t forget your budget!

•      Remember that you are unique as a couple. There will be wedding coordinators who suit your style and will be able to fulfill your wants and needs for your special day. Make sure you do your research and you’ll find a wedding planner that suits you perfectly.

•      Don’t forget to make the most of your special day, totally embrace the experience and don’t stress. There are a few things that you can’t control, like the weather. If you’re marrying in a tropical climate, chances are it will be beautiful and sunny but if it does rain, don’t let it ruin the mood. The secret is to be prepared, whatever the weather!

For the sporty couple that want to dive all day to the fancy-pants couple that over-water luxe bungalows- Tahiti meets the needs and requirements for saying I do. Same-sex marriage is also now legal.

Flights from Australia are via Auckland from many of the major airlines. Once in Tahiti there is the choice of plane, sea plane or boat to reach the smaller islands.

for more that Tahiti has to offer you and your better-half.

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