5 top tux tips

Choosing wedding attire isn’t straightforward. Some things to consider…

1. Start early
As with most things in life, the sooner the wheels are set in motion, the better the end result. Allow plenty of time to explore the options available to find just the right look. This is particularly true if you’re going the rental route and want the best selection. If you’re buying, be strategic to take advantage of special offers and end-of-season sales.

2. Settle on a style
You can only find what you’re looking for once you know what you want. Whether you go for a tux, suit or something more casual is dependent on the dress code you’ve decided for the ceremony as well as the timing and location of the wedding. Whether it’s summer or winter, day or night, indoors or outdoors you’ll want to be comfortable and appropriately attired.

3. Buy or rent?
That is the question and the answer is likely to come down to a cost-per-wear equation. If you have never worn a tuxedo before and aren’t likely to need one again soon, rental is the obvious choice. Then again, hire options tend to be more limited compared to what’s available to purchase. Read about the options in more detail.

4. Research
Get input from friends, family and the best man and peruse at online blogs and magazines for inspiration. Visit stores: tailors and sales staff are meant to be experts on their product so pick their brains and learn as much as you can about what’s on offer. Try on different cuts and fits to get a feel for what works for your shape and style.

5. Value Price tag alone is not an indicator of value. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is true: a cheap suit will save money initially, but inferior fabrics and construction only serve to shorten the garment’s life span. The fit, fabric and look will deteriorate quickly leaving you looking less than smart, in every sense.

Photo by: Photo by by Melimelo via Flickr
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