Cyber ceremony

The world is increasingly working and socialising onlineā€”is marriage the next cyber frontier?

Regardless of how dramatically technology develops, Essential Groom is of the mind that certain basic standards should be upheld in the quest to get hitched. Firstly, it should be standard practice that the bride and groom put aside enough time to get together in the same room to take their vows. Secondly, at no time should anybody ever invite another person to their wedding by creating a Facebook event.

In extenuating circumstances, of course, a virtual wedding ceremony can mean the difference between happily-ever-after and utter disaster.

Take the instance when Skype came to the rescue of a groom struck down by a lung infection. Admitted to an isolation ward in California just before the big day—and with guests flying in from New York and Korea—drastic action was required and a webcam was employed to keep things moving smoothly, if a tad unconventionally. 

In the midst of 2010’s volcanic turmoil in Iceland, one couple found themselves tying the knot in Dubai after ash clouds grounded their flight.

The British groom and his Australian bride were en route to London when they became stranded. The couple rustled up outfits while their hotel provided flowers, balloons, cake and an internet connection. Fellow stranded passengers got a reprieve from their misery by finding themselves part of an impromptu wedding. Meanwhile, the pair’s actual guests gathered as planned in London to witness the nuptials via Skype.

“It was just like any other wedding except the bride and groom weren’t there,” the celebrant said.

An increasingly common practice is to stream the ceremony for distant friends and family. Businesses like can broadcast live for up to two hours to 50 online connections. The service includes guest book, chat facility, download ability and video-on-demand access. The team monitors each broadcast and provides live support for guests.

The company provides all the necessary equipment, technical knowhow and straightforward instructions for a DIY point-and-shoot webcast. Alternatively they will work directly with the couple’s videographer or delve into their own network of videographers to provide someone to do all the handiwork.

For the far-off, frail or sick, technology can be a godsend. At least a virtual guest can’t drink the bar dry and if they over-imbibe, the only person they can throw up on is themselves.

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