How to tie a bow tie

Despite what one might think, the question most asked in online searches in 2010 wasn’t “how do you spell Eyjafjallajokull?” or “what's the point of Justin Bieber?”. According to Yahoo it was, in fact, “how to tie a tie”.

The bow tie, in particular, poses a challenge for many men given that its services are employed on rare occasions—like, say, a wedding. Simply put, tying a bow tie is not dissimilar to tying shoelaces.

With the help of bow tie specialists Le Neoud Papillon, Essential Groom presents the answer to the question most troubling men around the world...

1. Make one end longer than the other.

2. Take longest end and fold over shorter end.

3. Pull longer end over and under to create a knot.

4. Now form shorter end into a bow and cinch knot.

5. Bring the high side down over the centre of the bow to form the knot.

6. Fold A and B forward to snap bow shut and pull down on centre piece.

7. Feed remaining length back through exposed hole using base of length to push through first.

8. Tighten by pulling A and D.

Photo by: Le Neoud Papillon
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