Nice day for a wet wedding

Water is not a groom’s friend at the best of times, but this downpour cost a pretty penny.

Soggy shoes and leaky tents  were the least of one groom’s problems on the morning of his wedding day.

The Sydney-based man was probably well prepared for the possibility of a wet wedding this month given the incessant precipitation that has marred the summer months. What he wasn’t prepared for was the handling and power of his wedding vehicle.

As with many grooms, the man took his wedding as the chance to live out his automotive fantasies, hiring a Lamborghini Gallardo to get to the ceremony.

En route to the big event with his best man, the groom lost control when the $500,000 supercar skidded on a wet, uneven rural road. As he watched his deposit flash before his eyes, the white couple left the road and parked itself in a wire fence.

With time ticking, the pair put in a courtesy call to the hire company to advise them what had happened and ditched the Lambo in the ditch.

Although pictures show relatively minor damage—and ‘minor’ damage really is relative on a half million dollars worth of car—a rep for the hire company was quick to dramatically tell that the car was a virtual write off.

As for the groom, he apparently made it to the church on time. No word on how much he had to cough up to the insurance company.

Photo by: ninemsn, Campero via Flickr
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