No sweat

Even if you don’t ordinarily break out in a sweat, when the wedding day rolls around glands are contending with nerves, heat and adrenaline. It’s enough to get them working overtime.

An effective antiperspirant is, obviously, the first line of defence against soggy pits, best backed up with judicious fashion choices—dark navy, black or white are less likely to reveal tell tale patches; pale blue is an open invitation to share your bodily functions with the world.

Underarm liners like Sweax ($4.99, 12 pack) adhere invisibly to the inside of your shirt, creating a barrier which absorbs moisture and prevents unwanted wet marks cropping up. Liners also protect the shirt from developing those dodgy yellow stains, which are actually caused by deodorant not perspiration.

Do away with underarm liners by wearing clothes designed to draw heat and perspiration away from the body. Menswear label Van Heusen turns to technology to create the Evercool range of suits, shirts and undies, adopting performance technology traditionally used in sportswear. The range (underwear from $19.95) is a blend of natural and man-made technological fibres, designed and tested in Australia to cope with local conditions.

In medical circles, excessive sweating is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Dr Joseph Ajaka of Cosmos Clinic says that hyperhidrosis affects around 2% of the population and can be diagnosed by a doctor via a simple iodine test. Extreme sweating can be treated using botox, a muscle relaxant more commonly associated with the smooth, sateliite-dish foreheads of celebrities than nervous grooms.

“If performed correctly by doctors, botox is a safe alternative to surgical options for excessive sweating such as Laser Ablation,” Dr Ajaka says.

At a cost of around $1,500, the injections aren’t cheap but the half hour procedure does offer a long-term solution, stopping sweating for anywhere between 7 and 16 months. “The treatment can be applied to hand and feet also,” Dr Ajaka says. “Treatment of the armpits, though, is generally more successful.”

As for the brow, should it be liable to break out in a cold sweat as the vows are being recited, keep a piece of ultra-old school technology on hand—a handkerchief in the suit pocket should do the job nicely.

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