Style glossary for grooms

Get a grasp on the terminology that may arise in the hunt for a wedding suit.

Ascot tie: A wide, short neck tie fastened with a pin

Barrel cuff: A shirt sleeve cuff fastened with buttons

Braces: see suspenders

Boutonniere: floral adornment, normally a single bud, worn pinned to a jacket lapel

Bow tie: a knotted neck tie

Collar: the folded upper panel on a jacket or shirt that covers the neck.

Cuff: may refer to the wrist panel on shirt sleeves or to a folded finish on a trouser leg.

Cummerbund: formal silk waist covering, often pleated

Cravat: a scarf worn around the neck in the manner of a tie

Double breast: a jacket or waistcoat with overlapping front panels and two vertical rows of buttons

Dinner jacket: the British term for a tuxedo jacket

French cuff: a double-length shirt sleeve cuff that folds over on itself, fastened with cufflinks

Flat front: pants without a waistband pleat extending down the thigh

Gorge: the cut-in point where a jacket lapel meets the collar.

Morning coat: a type of tailcoat with one broad, knee-length tail

Neck tie: a conventional, long tie

Notch lapel: a conventional jacket lapel where the collar and lapel meet to form a wide V.

Peak lapel: a formal jacket lapel which sits close to the collar, pointing up and beyond it

Placket: the strip of fabric housing buttons and buttonholes on a shirt front or sleeves

Point collar: a shirt collar with points that land just on either side of the tie

Shawl collar: a formal jacket collar that sweeps in one rounded continuous piece with no lapel or gorge.

Spread collar: a shirt collar with points that land a few centimetres away from either side of the tie

Step lapel: see notch lapel

Suspenders: an alternative to a belt, adjustable straps attach from the front pants waistband over the shoulder to the back of the pants

Tail coat: jacket featuring waist-length front panels and longer, knee-length rear panels.

Tuxedo jacket: a jacket featuring a contrast lapel in a silk sheen

Wing collar: a short, standing collar with small tips that sit horizontally

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